I’m a passionate web developer with over 6 years of freelance experience with various clients around Canada and the U.S. My career has been a pursuit of constant improvement, humility, empathy, and embracing development challenges.

I’m currently seeking full-time employment.

I believe in writing great code, healthy relationships, disruptive and challenging methodologies, and an environment that is sensitive and respectful of creative energy, inspiration and health.


I’ve explored various languages throughout my career and I have a voracious appetite for learning new things to help drive business results.

I excel in writing Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, PHP, OOP PHP, SQL/mySQL, JSON, XML/XSL, API’s, Website Creation, Wordpress, Themes/Child-Themes, eCommerce, Object Oriented, Programming, PhoneGap, Apache Cordova, SaaS, and SOAP

Working with large existing codebase, Project Management, Problem Solving, Multitasking, Under Pressure, Communications, Independant, Interface Design, Web Standards, Eagerness to Learn, Attention to Detail, Fast Paced Environment, Command Line - Linux, Linux, Apache


Zero Value - html, css, javascript, ajax, php, sql, json api’s, cron jobs, appPresser

I was the developer for the website, web app, and mobile app, as well as partial owner of the company. I created a custom plugin that allowed our team to create 'signals' of when/what to buy/sell in cryptocurrencies and the Forex market. These signals would be emailed, tweeted, and pushed on the mobile app, depending on the user’s subscription level. Users could turn off specific coins or entire exchanges. The values of the coins were updated every 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on the api's limits for each exchange. We also partnered with Coinigy so we could accept a json string of all the markets and coin data from a single point. When the coins buy/sell limits were hit or their fail point, the system automatically updated the status of the call. The mobile app was built using AppPresser for wordpress, and was for iPhone and android. It was a custom built theme, using mobile jquery and ajax to pull in data.


Twist Me Toned - html, css, javascript, ajax, php, sql, eCommerce

Tannis and Ainsley are female fitness instructors as well as manage their own gym. They wanted a web app built so their clients (<-- workout ppl, what word) could entire their progress online and the instructors could make adjustments to their routines as required.

Built a 20 page eCommerce website with recurring subscriptions that included a members only area.

Configured mailchimp plugin to match the website, and created email template

I created a custom plugin to work as their web app, allowing them to update the site and take the app with them. It included backend pages so the trainers could check on members progress, with workouts and diets displayed on a calendar. They also were able to edit the meal plans by toggling specific foods on/off with a checkbox, upload exercise lists as .pdf or .docx, and message users.

html, css, wordpress

Len French Law

Len French is an experienced winnipeg lawyer starting his own ______ (not a firm). I created a small website for Len and ran into an issue with the email provider he already was using with php's mail function. I setup a google SMTP server to process the mail and bypass the problem.
html, css, php, sql, wordpress

Wild Winter Canoe Race


The Wild Winter Canoe Race is a fundraising initiative for Community Living Winnipeg, a not-for-profit organization committed to enhance the lives of people living with an intellectual disability, support families, and advance inclusion in the community.  

I created a website to provide information on what/where/when the event is, as well as allowing teams and volunteers to sign up and edit their information. Passwords are hashed before saving.

Admins were able to check team and volunteer information in the backend.

html, css, wordpress

Novaturi Group


Novaturi Group is a consulting agency that .

This site was rapidly developed over one week to meet the company launch. Content and design changes were constant until it was live. Mailchimp was modified to match the theme, and a email template was designed for their newsletter.

html, css, wordpress, php, eCommerce

Expand Your Roots

Expand Your Roots (what tense should I use? past? it's gone) was an online workout supplement store. A brilliant concept where users would make purchases and product would be shipped from the supplier.

A simple eCommerce store using wooCommerce to manage the products and stripe as the payment gateway. The website went through 3 theme changes during it's lifetime.

html, css, wordpress

Louis Fisette


Louis Fisette is an MMA fighter who wanted a website before appearing on The Ultimate Fighter (UFC).  I was a sponsor (word that shit in!).
The goal was an easy to manage site so he could update it himself with images and stats, but also something that looked professional and attention grabbing. We went with a theme built mostly around images to showcase his fights.

html, css, wordpress

Exact Extract


A small carpet cleaning company run by Diana.

I made a small site for a small company that used Flamingo in the backend to save all contact form messages so any admin could check.

html, css, wordpress

Dead Fish Cafe


I worked with Robin, the head chef and owner of Deadfish Cafe, to create an online menu that showed the uniqueness of the environment. Using beautiful, full screen images of the restaurant and freshly prepared meals as the background images worked great for this. This also allowed Robin to make blog posts about his creations using his phone to snap a photo and make a small write up

html, css, wordpress, javascript, jQuery



Marijosee is a french Canadian singer/songwriter who's traveled Canada and Europe. I was contacted by a design company that had created a custom .psd mockup for her new album and asked me to create a wordpress theme for her. I used a skeleton theme, and jQuery to replicate their design.

html, css, wordpress

Marijosee New


A few years after the initial launch of the website, Marijosee contacted me so we could work on another version. She wanted to be able to show off her music on her site as well as link to her music on iTunes.

html, css, canvas, javascript, jQuery, sql


With the success of her first site, Marijosee asked me to help her work on a site just for kids. Her idea was to have the site be a coloring book, with her poster being the background to color in.

I used a full size html canvas to produce the background poster, and added crayons of various colors for the children to select, with different sizes. They children could also print out their coloring.

html, css, canvas

Marijo New


After a while of having a black and white website that required coloring, I made another kids site for Marijosee that only had the coloring book on a single page. This drastically improved the look of the site, especially when changing pages.

html, css, wordpress

Tiny Tots Photography


Shannon is a freelance photographer, that works with children/families. I created a portfolio website to showcase her work.

I consulted Shannon on how to use her website so that she would be able to maintain it. I created a step-by-step guide for adding new galleries, and how to create blogs.

html, css, wordpress

Chris Savoie Photography


Chris Savoie is a designer / photographer that shows the epitome of how beautiful images can make any site look amazing. We used one of the most minimalist themes we could find, that showed his images full screen. This allowed his work to be the main focus of the users experience, showcasing his skills.

html, css, javascript

Titan Marketing Solutions


Working with a designer I developed a theme for Titan - an outsource sales and marketing firm serving the electrical industry in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

I modified the mailchimp plugin to match the theme I had created, and used image sprites for rollover images to match the design. I created shortcodes for the editors to add new lighting or electrical services without having to know anything about programming.

html, css, wordpress

340 Provencher


340 Provencher is three buildings and ten organizations dedicated to the arts and cultural life and the preservation of historical documents.
340 Provencher already had a website when they contacted me, but weren't able to add things themselves. They wanted to keep the site looking exactly as it was and use wordpress as the cms. I added wooCommerce so they could sell things online, and added an event calendar.

html, css, wordpress

Zealous MediSpa


Zealous Medispa is a spa and medical approach to provide non-invasive procedures for your skin within a comfortable atmosphere and the highest quality standards.

Jessica hired a company to make her a website, but the developer left after running into problems and not being able to fix them herself. Most of these came across in the design of the site.but were rooted in poor coding. I worked on all 52 pages, fixing errors and redesigning the content. After the fixes were complete, I met with Jessica 3 times to explain how her website worked, how to make changes.

html, css, wordpress

MB Parent Child


Manitoba Parent Child provides an ongoing structure for the sharing of information and best practices among Parent Child Centred Coalitions, and serving as an advisory group to Healthy Child Manitoba with respect to issues involving the regional coalitions.

I found a theme that matched most of what they were looking for. We added a members only area so that their staff could download templates of various things. .pdf and .doc/.docx files can be uploaded and displayed via an icon and the filename for download.

html, css, wordpress

Prairie Network


The Prairie Improvement Network believes the long-term health and prosperity of our grandchildren, both urban and rural, depends on the sustainable stewardship of our food-growing resources.

They had a site that needed to be updated. I used a theme they selected before contacting me and I transfered 45 pages of content to their new website.